How to browse the sub directory content through Sharepoint Plugin


I have configured the SharePoint Plugin successfully and it shows the root level folders as different entities under the SharePoint Data Source. (please refer the attachment)


Created required entity and Screens/views for “Documents” and now I can view the folders and other materials in that the mobile app view.

I want to browse the content in the sub folders of the “Documents” folder. Would you able to let me know how this can be achieved using the SharePoint Plugin. 




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    Manoj Prasanna

    hi Emily,

    please see my comments in line below.

    Can you pleas clarify a few things for me. I see that you are using the Documents entity for this screen. Are you saying based on your screen shot you are unable to display the fields such as Select File Name which you have highlighted?

    [Manoj] No. We can see the root level information in the Documents entity.

    Based on your Sharepoint back end are you expecting to see sub folder's contained within one of these fields displayed in this screen shot?

    [Manoj Yes.  We want to click on sub folders and view the sub folder content. We can see the sub folders in the root level information display view.

    Also have you tried using Documents\AllDocuments as an entity for this screen to see if it displays this data? 

    [Manoj] Yes, it has a sub set of columns from the Documents entity. The number of data rows are same.






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