Native email client popup & parameter passing


We are currently working on an iPad device, We are successfully able to open the email popup, and its working well, but our concern is
Is it possible to give the subject and body content as parameter to the popup, when we click a button which is connected to a Action "Email" in App Studio?

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    Vinod TK

    Appreciate your quick response,

    I think you understood the requirement differently, the email popup we are talking about is the iPad's NATIVE email client popup. From the link we got an impression like its related to Verivo popup screen. Because it is saying to make the screen "Prefill from previous screen" and I believe there is no way we can set the property to native email popup. Please correct me if am wrong.

    We can successfully open the Native email client popup by connecting the image's Action to Email. What we really want to do is to pass the email's subject and content to the Native email popup as some kind of parameters. 

    Please help us in achieving  the requirement.

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    Vinod TK

    Thanks for the response,

    We tried again and It worked well! Thanks!

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