Porting an iPhone application to iPad

We want to port an iPhone application to iPad, do we only have to make changes in "Manage Resources"and "Manage Platform" tabs, or some other configurations are also required?

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    Sawandi Cassell

    For porting an iPhone app to iPad, you would provide us with your image resources and iOS provisioning resources (if we don't already have them) and we would provide you with the necessary iPad client files. In regards in "Manage Resources" and "Manage Platforms," you would have to create an iPad platform and add images for your iPad in the "Image Resource" section; then you would be able to test your application on the iPad. If you notice the content isn't does not fill the entire iPad screen then I'd suggest creating a iPad workflow and mapping your users to this workflow accordingly.

    You can also refer to the "Multi-Platform Management" chapter in our Developer's Guide.

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