Push Service and Plugins Directory

When configuring the Push Service I observed that the service expects plugins to reside in its [installation folder]\plugins directory by default.

Hence I placed the plugins (REST plugin and immediate dependencies such as DynamicPlugin, HttpPlugin, etc) in that location. This still resulted in a log entry stating one or more dependencies of the RESTPlugin.dll was not found.Changing the app setting "PluginDir" in the Push Service app.config file still resulted in the same error.

Then I copied all assemblies in the App Server "bin" directory into the [PushServiceDir]\plugins directory. This solved the problem leaving me with the following questions,

1. What's the recommended location to install the Push Service?

2. Can we install the Push Service into the AppServer installation directory so that a single location can be maintained for plugins?

3. If the answer to the above is "No" then is there any way to maintain a single location for plugins, python files, xml entity definitions rather than having them in two locations? I'd say the PluginDir app setting but that failed in my experience.

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    Hi Hemal,

    You would want to use two separate folder directories for your Push Service and your Application Server. The reason being is that each service has their own files that are associated to each other. For example, the web.config file is present in both of these installs. If you were to keep them both in the same directory, one would overwrite the other. Any plugins that you are using for your Application and your datasources you will want to keep separate with your Application Server folder.


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