Regarding Upload status screen


Kindly answer following questions related to Upload status screen:

1) Whenever we click on a record in Upload Status screen for the Failed or Pending view tabs, we will have the option to Edit or Delete our upload. Instead of Edit Upload option I want Retry upload option to be there, Is it Possible?

2) Is it possible to customize Upload Status Screen according to our requirements (need to include request number of our form in each record on Upload status screen)?

3) I want to include Upload Status Screen in Graphical Navigation Bar but while choosing Target Screen, name of Upload Status Screen is not shown in the Target Screen list. Is this thing not possible?


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    Sawandi Cassell

    1. Currently, the option to "Retry" on a failed/pending upload is not available. The reasoning behind this is that user interaction is typically required after a failed attempt.

    2. I confirmed with our QA group that customizing an Upload Status screen per your requirements is currently not available.

    3. While this isn't tested or supported, you should be able to create a GNB record and hack your back end configuration DB to accomplish this on a List or Form screen

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