Managing App Studio administrators

Managing App Studio users and administrators,   What is the process to adding a new administrator in the App Studio with restricted rights, is there a manual step to add this restricted admin user in the SQL database on the SQL server or does the App Studio create the additional restricted admin user in SQL server with the limited rights assigned to it automatically.   

Example : Want to create a separate admin user for the Studio App that can only add and remove users, but we don’t want that admin user account to have the ability to login to the SQL server database directly with full access to all the tables (database).

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    You can accomplish this by adding a user for your Verivo DB that has read only privileges for the entire DB and write privileges only to the user tables. You would then create a role for this admin in AppStudio by allowing them only to Edit the Users Feature. I am attaching a screenshot for an example role that I created for your scenario.



    AppStudioAdmin Role.PNG
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