Verivo Browser Control and HTML 5 Compatibility

Hi Verivo Support,

Our client requires an HTML 5 application to be embedded inside the Verivo app that we are developing.
Is it possible to use the Verivo Web Browser control for this purpose and is it HTML 5 compatible?

Thanks in advance.


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    John Lafauce

    Hi Hemal,

    Yes, it is possible to use the browser field control for handling embedded HTML 5 content. Please refer to the Verivo 7.3.16 Dev Guide, which includes a section on "Browser Field Control" on page 127.

    The Dev Guide mentions "HTML 5 compatible", which I'd like to clarify. If the OS supports HTML 5, then we support the rendering of HTML 5 content within the browser control. It is OS dependent. This can also mean that there may be some content of HTML 5 that a particular device/OS doesn't support and the same would hold true for us. What we don't support is allowing hooks into the browser control to consume data through our mobile data management (MDM) or to click and within the browser control to invoke back into the native app.



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