Is it must to connect AppStudio and DataSource?

Does AppStudio needs to be connected to Data Source for app develoment, if yes, why is it so?

Moreover if I do not have data to be displayed or to be used in the app or if my app only have a simple form then I'll not need a data source. What shall I do in that case, because unless I configure the connection between AppStudio and DataSource I am not able to access AppStudio, all the options are grayed out. Kindly guide me.

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    Mrigendra Singh

    HI Emily,


         Thanks for the reply. As per your explation I think that it must to configure a datasource with appstudio, now my question is which plug-in to use.

         And, if I have another database to be accessed by our app for say user registration, do I have to add that database to DataSource by configuring it withh AppStudio.



    Mrigendra Singh

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