How do I show or hide columns on the List screen?


We have a list screen to display results and we have data coming back for all columns. We want to Hide some columns (at runtime) when the screen loads based on values in property store (through scripting). Can you please let us know if there is anyway to do this? (We can't use the extended data mode on the list screen for this scenario). 

We also have a couple of questions:

1. I am attaching a screenshot of our list screen (Screen_A.JPG). For some events in the list screen, the scripting statements that we put in there are not being executed.

For ex: Under Events, we selected "OnRowWillAdd" and we put a simple inform statement and it is not being executed. Are we missing anything or can you please let us know how it works? (Same is the case with "OnRowWasAdded").

2. Please take a look at Screen_B.JPG. The script written for OnLoad works only if "Name" column is in Extended Data(Under View properties -> Display Mode is chosen as Inline Explosion on All Rows). Can you please let us know if there is any other way to write the script so that we can access the "Name" column through scripting even if it not put in the Extended Data list?


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    John Lafauce

    Hi Tejas,

    Typically, this can be accomplished:

    1) In extended data

    2) If the columns are empty. Since you are populating data in all columns, this option will not work.

    There is no way presently to hide these columns through scripting, therefore I have logged this as a feature request with development on your behalf.



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