Can multiple developers work on the same app at the same time?

How will it effect the configuration if more than one developer is working on a single app in AppStudio at a time?

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    John Lafauce

    AppStudio wasn't really designed to have multiple developers work on the same App at once and here is why. Let's say there are two developers and each have an open instance of AppStudio. If developer 1 works on an app and saves his changes, and then developer 2 works on it and saves afterward, everything developer 1 did will not be relevant and all of developer 2 changes will be saved. The configuration will be exactly like whoever saved it last.

    If you have two developers working on the same app I would suggest that you either take turns developing, or have one developer take a full export of the app, import it as a new app and then work on a separate section of the App. They can then re-import as AppData into the original app and just those changes that they made (for example, you can specify which screens and views to import etc). That way, they will not overwrite changes the first developer made.

    We currently have an enhancement request with development to enhance AppStudio functionality for simultaneous development.

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