Passing Filters to Screens for different entities

I'm going to my workflow in order to describe the problem.

0) Find Screen - find by UserNumber - returns list of Invitations associated with that number. Find Screen Entity: Invitations

1) Invitation List - Join on Event and display event information for each invitation. List Screen Entity: Invitations

2) Clicking a list entry navigates to an event detail page. Invitee is joined to Event and more event information is displayed. Event Detail Screen Entity: Invitations

3) On the detail page is a button. Clicking this navigates to another List page with a list of Links for the event. Link List Screen Entity: Invitations - join on event, join event to Links, display link data

4) On the Links List page, clicking a row navigates to a detail page for that Link. Detail Screen Entity: Link - no way to join from Invitation to the actual link. Need primary key for link.

On the Link Detail page, I need to set up a "Home" button that returns to the original Event Detail button. However, I cannot add an Invitation filter to this page because its entity is Link. How do I set up a button that passes my original Invitation id back to the detail page?

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    Jordan Weber-Flink

    So I managed to create a join, add my filter, then delete the join and it appears to be working. But I wonder if that is the right way to do it.

    I went back into the documentation and noticed something on the "Creating Screens" page. Is this a case where I would need to set the Parent Entity on my Link Detail Screen in order to access those properties in the filter dialog?

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