Filtering by User Input

I have a list screen which displays Events.

Each event also has a list of Attendees.

Each Attendee has a UserNumber property.

I need to have the list screen do this:

from events join attendees on events.eventid == attendees.eventid where attendees.usernumber = '#####'

So show me only the events which own an Attendee sporting the correct usernumber.


In trying to do this, I have set up a Find screen. That Find screen has a control that is mapped to Dashboard.UserNumber. I created this entity field.


How do I wire these up? Once the user types in a UserNumber on the Find screen, how do I pass it as a parameter / filter to the List screen?


I have tried some different things. On my list screen, I set up two joins - one from Event to Attendee, and a second from Attendee to Dashboard.UserNumber. However I think this is null, the value isn't getting set by my find screen. I also tried using a filter, but couldn't figure out how to populate the filter value with the input from my Find screen.


Please assist! :D

Thanks in advance,


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    Jordan Weber-Flink

    Update - I changed my approach. I decided to filter based on Attendee first, and use the join to the Events entity to display data. In my find screen I got rid of my created Dashboard.UserNumber property and just used the entity property on Attendee as my search parameter. I'm still a bit confused about how I would have set up and used a filter property that didn't exist on my entity.

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