updating choicelists automatically

Good afternoon - currently we use the mpConnector to populate our choice lists tied to the choice entity. Is there a way to have the Choice List screen populate with Direct Access instead of Batched? I have tried enabling Direct Access at the entity but the Choice List screen still seems to have stale data?

I know there are lookup / association fields that we could use but that isnt ideal for an environment with multiple workflows.

Any tips would be appreciated!


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    John Lafauce


    There is an enhancement request to allow easy access to screens between different workflows as well as cloning and sharing them across those workflows (with prevalence on lookup controls, hosted screens, buttons). This enhancement can be referenced as VS-5515. Please reach out to your relationship manager for status updates on that request.

    Btw, we also have a feature request logged to allow for using Direct Access to populate dynamic choice lists using mpConnector. That can be referenced as VS-20894.

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