Implementation of SSL certificate based authentication using reverse proxy server (WebSeal)


This is to inform you that we developed enterprise application using verivo platform 7.4.7. As of now, Verivo client provides windows basic authentication mechanism with https connection to the reverse proxy server (WebSeal). We thought of implementing client-server certificate based authentication.

For each user will be generating client certificate in CA server and will be installing it in the mobile device, then the reverse proxy server has root certificate server generated from CA. So, our aim is to submit the client certificate from Verivo mobile application to the WebSeal server during SSL handshake with it. Highly appreciate if you could tell the way to implement this feature.



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    John Lafauce

    Hi Suresh,

    If you are referring to client side certificate authentication with regard to WebSeal using an SSL certificate this is something that is handled outside of our software. Meaning, there is nothing that we do within our software to allow/disable SSL connections. SSL connections are handled by the issuing server and Device OS (not our client application). To accomplish this you will simply need to modify the WebSeal configuration file and html file as needed. Make sure the root certificate is installed on the WebSeal (reverse proxy server) server and also make sure the client certificate is installed on the device. As long as the necessary certificates have been installed and WebSeal configuration is set up appropriately, then our client will be able to connect over SSL. Again, it is the Device OS that inforces/denies SSL certificates not the Verivo Client file.



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