Salesforce Data Source Error - Error describing the objects


I am updating our app from v7.2 to v7.4. I have installed the new version of App Studio on our Win 7 machine and updated the database. The problem is when I log in to App Studio I am seeing a red X next to the Salesforce Data Source and the error says "Error - Error describing the objects". I have tried logging out and in and that does not seem to help.



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    John Lafauce

    Hi Bill,

    This error can be resolved by launching AppStudio as an Administrator by right-clicking over the ApplicationStudio.exe and selecting Run as Administrator. Or, to eliminate that hassle every time you launch AppStudio, the following steps should achieve the same result:

    1)  Right-click over the ApplicationStudio.exe.

    2)  Select Properties and then the Compatibility tab.

    3)  In the section at the bottom called Privilege Level, enable Run this program as an administrator.

    4)  Click Apply and OK.


    Having to run programs as an administrator is a common issue with users who have installed software on Windows 7. Refer to this helpful link on the MS Community that explains why this is necessary.

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