What is the difference between UserID and EntUserID in regards to authentication?


Could you help me understand the difference between UserID EntUserID when it comes to authentication?

This link explains 'UserID' and 'EntUserID' and using core method hooks to work with login and logout requests:


This sample utilizes the Login (http://reagan.pyxisit.com/sdk/index.php/code-samples/methods/120#login) core method hook to pass the authentication request for logging into a REST data source from the mobile device Line 1 defines the Login method and gives it a request input — why?



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    John Lafauce

    Hi Swapna,

    In regards to authentication, here is an explanation of EntUserID and UserID:

    If DeviceID auth is used, it will be the deviceid of the user. If authentication is not deviceid (set to None, Integrated, Basic, or Proprietary) it will always be the login name of the user. This user can be set ahead of time in AppStudio Users section or the user can be automatically enrolled into AppStudio (and the database) by simply logging into the app from the device. In this instance we pull the username/login name the user uses when logging in on the login screen from their device.

    This is a randomly generated GUID. This is done behind the scenes and will always be unique per user. There is no way to automatically set this or predetermine this.

    The links you mentioned as well as the references to the Login hooks are not relevant in this scenario. If you are using Integrated Auth, then no python is involved during the login process. The only time python and login hooks are used during the login process is when using a REST or WSDL webservice to perform authentication (this is custom/proprietary authentication).

    Also, this URL doesn't resolve (http 404 error), but again it is not relevant in your scenario.


    And yes, if it is set to Integrated Auth for your app then all users are using Integrated Auth.

    I hope that helps clarify and what to expect. Our DevCenter is an excellent resource for all of the above.



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