How do I delete a Verivo app from Blackberry?

Is there a way to delete the mWholesaler app from the BB? 

We have wiped out all the other apps but cannot delete mWholesaler. Is there way to delete the Verivo app from BB?

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    John Lafauce

    Hello Priyanka,

    It depends on how the app was distributed. If it was pushed out to users using a BES Push, the BES admin should be able to create an IT Policy that will delete the app. Blackberry Enterprise Server applications may have restrictions depending on the IT policy, which is outside of our software, so I would reach out to your BES administrator who should be able to remove the application. 

    If it was done via OTA, there is no way to wipe the app from ALL users BB's at once. Users will have to delete it manually from their device. The best way to do this is not to delete it from the Home screen where the icon appears but to go into the Tools/Settings -> Manage applications, let the device populate a list of applications and then delete the app from there. The path differs based on the BB OS, however you can Google it and find many resources for doing this, for example here is one:

    Thank you,


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