How do I pass parameters from one screen to another?


How do I pass parameters from one screen to another? I need to pass parameters when I navigate to another screen.

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    John Lafauce

    Hi Felix,

    This is possible through the use of Filter Fields. You can pass values between screens by defining filter fields. On navigating from one screen to another, the Verivo application passes to the destination screen the values of fields that the destination screen defines as filter fields.

    On your destination screen, drag the desired fields that will be used by your web service in the Filter Field tab. This will pass the parameters needed to meet your scenario. See screenshot below.



    On the same destination screen you need to have narrow selections setup for each of the filter fields. Say for example, you need to pass City, First, and State. These 3 fields will need to be used as filter fields on your destination screen. Then you will need to create 3 narrow selections similar to the screenshot below.


    Keep in mind these fields need to be present on the screen you are navigating from and to.



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