Introducing Screencasting

Welcome to the Screencasting for Verivo Support!

What is Screencasting?

When working on a ticket, you are now one click away from recording your screen. You can also record a screencast when viewing a ticket via your web portal. This functionality is very powerful for communicating on how to do a task, or to show your experience from your computer.

How Do I Use Screencasting? 

To use screencasting when working on a ticket, simply click on the link "Record a screencast" just below the "Attach file" link. Clicking on this will launch the recorder, which you should position over the part of your screen you wish to record. After recording your screencast, you can choose to preview or cancel, or submit the screencast. Once you've submitted, the screencast will show up as an icon next to "Record a screencast".

Any Known Limitations?

Please be aware that screencasts will record your audio unless you mute the sound. Also, screencasts are limited to two minutes. 

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