Announcing the Verivo Troubleshooting Guide

Your support team is excited to announce the release of a new and completely revamped troubleshooting guide (formerly tier one support guide). The troubleshooting guide has the top errors that the support team sees as well as the resolution to those errors. You can view it as a PDF (attached and on FTP) or on the support site ( where it is searchable and indexed.


The purpose of the Troubleshooting Guide is to equip users with the ability to troubleshoot and resolve basic software and infrastructure issues that Verivo analysts experience on an ongoing basis with our platform. Although this is a Troubleshooting Guide for Verivo 7.3 Software, this document is beneficial when diagnosing errors in other versions of our software, as well as networking and server issues outside of our software. Errors detailed in this guide are categorized into one of six software components: 

Client & Proxy Errors – Errors that are isolated to the device or simulator. These errors can also include proxy related errors if the proxy (BES, DMG, etc.) sits between the client and AppServer.

AppServer Errors – Errors that are isolated to the AppServer. These include IIS errors, Verivo Test Page errors, and environmental issues. These errors also typically present themselves on the client as well.

Plug-in Errors – Errors that are isolated to the plug-in, errors that occur during plug-in generation, or are related to the web service with respect to our plug-in.

AppStudio Errors – Errors that occur in AppStudio, or are directly related to the misconfiguration of a feature, or are environmentally related.

Database Errors – Errors that occur with the Verivo Database, or during the upgrade of the Verivo Database.

Other Errors - Errors that fall outside the realm of the five components listed above, as well as usage reporting errors and optional services errors.

Should you have an issue that is not covered in this document, or if you have questions surrounding the errors discussed, please log a ticket: , email Support: or call our Support line: 781-795-8300. 

- Your Verivo Support Team

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