Announcing the 7.4.7 Maintenance Release

The Verivo Software team is excited to announce the 7.4.7 maintenance release to its enterprise mobility platform. This latest release includes important updates, improvements to documentation, and several bug fixes. 

Specifically for iOS clients,  the release incorporates updates optimizing Verivo’s client for iOS 6.0.  Apps built on Verivo’s platform are now built using Xcode 4.5 and also leverage the new Maps for click-to-maps. 

Rest assured that when your mobile users start picking up Apple's latest tablet devices, Verivo has you covered.  The new iPad mini will automatically run your existing iPad workflow and scale images appropriately without requiring any additional updates or modifications. 

Apps built using Verivo’s platform running on the new iPhone 5 can now take full advantage of the entire screen resolution.  Apps built using  7.4.7 will now use the new 568h@2x images for Login, Splash and Background and will no longer run in letterbox mode. 

On the Android platform, with the release of Version 7.4.7, Verivo’s platform now supports Google Cloud Messaging as the Android Push service (replacing the previous Android C2DM push system). 

Rounding out the software updates, as part of the 7.4.7 maintenance release, also includes support for Android's Jelly Bean (4.1) operating system. 

Lastly, the documentation for Verivo’s platform has been updated to incorporate the following: 

  • Steps to upgrade to Google Cloud Messaging as a Push Provider

  • How to set up images for iPhone 5

  • How to use the dynamic scripting layer (code-named "Echelon") that lets you modify data requests and responses at run time without compiling, rebuilding, or reinstalling


The 7.4.7 maintenance release represents the latest update in our ongoing commitment to helping our customers deliver engaging, fully-customized mobile apps on Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform. 


The Verivo Support Team strives to provide you with excellent service. Our Customer Support site, ResourceCenter includes:

  • Extensive Documentation
  • Easy Searching
  • Discussion Forums
  • Online Access to Technical Support 

If you are interested in obtaining further details on this release, please access the Release Notes here or contact your Verivo Relationship Manager.

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