Blackberry 10 support

Verivo Software is committed to supporting the leading smartphone platforms in the global market. Today this includes BlackBerry Java client, Android and iOS which command a dominant market share in North America, and a strong and growing majority of smartphone sales globally.  We are evaluating market demand for the new BlackBerry 10 and we’ll add support for RIM’s latest mobile operating system if market adoption warrants. We continually evaluate and conduct R&D on the latest mobile platforms.  Our software is designed to operate across mobile platforms, and our track record of supporting new operating systems is strong, dating back to legacy systems including PalmOS, WinCE, and pre-Java BlackBerry. We expect to expand our supported mobile platforms as market factors dictate.

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    John Lafauce

    Hi Adam,

    Support for BB10 is still being evaluated and a decision has not been made yet.

    Regarding the Blackberry tools you mention, they look interesting and I can see their value:

    Therefore, I have logged an enhancement request to support using them. Your relationship manager can give you status updates on that request.

    Thank you,


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    Hi John,

              Any updates on Blackberry 10? Is verivo supported on any 7.x versions?



    Priyanak Pendyala.

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