We are excited to announce the Verivo AppStudio 7.5.1 maintenance release which includes important updates, documentation improvements, and critical bug fixes. Also, as you may have recently heard, Verivo Software has launched Verivo Akula, our new enterprise mobile app platform designed to simplify the complexities of building, securing and controlling custom enterprise mobile apps. Based on the needs of today’s market, we anticipate many companies will begin evaluating and using Akula in the coming months. As showcased by the 7.5.1 maintenance release, Verivo continues to value the AppStudio customer base, with plans for continued maintenance, support and enhancements to benefit the AppStudio platform. 

The 7.5.1 maintenance release includes security improvements for all mobile clients to help protect against potential threats. Although we have always encrypted the password in the URL, we have now removed both the username and password from the URL in this release. These user credentials are now sent in the POST body which prevents this sensitive data from being captured in log files. The iOS client does not enable this feature by default, to take advantage of this feature request an iOS client build using our support site.

Additionally, the iOS client has enhanced the server-side SSL certificate validation for HTTPS connection. The mobile app will allow users to login only with trusted certificates. In cases when you need to use expired certificates or self-signed certificates, you can request an iOS client build using our support site to have this feature turned off. Please note that Android and BlackBerry clients are already on par with the SSL certificate validation.

Verivo Software also extends support for the Android 4.2 operating system with this release. Issues have been addressed that previously prevented Android users from launching apps on OS 4.2 and the Nexus 7 device.

Lastly, with 7.5.1, you can take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of Microsoft Server 2012 and use the modern data platform with Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Verivo now extends support to Microsoft Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 as supported back-end technologies. 

With an expected high volume of new Akula users, we want to ensure AppStudio users are better able to find the content specific to them. With that in mind, we are performing a search engine optimization (SEO), which requires us to change the name and URL for the AppStudio support and information site. What you have come to know as the DevCenter will be transitioning to the AppStudio ResourceCenter and will be available at Customers solely focused on accessing AppStudio content should use this updated URL for the AppStudio ResourceCenter using your existing DevCenter user credentials or Verivo ID.

As of June 28th, Akula users will access their educational content, community forums and support hub, known as the Verivo DevCenter at When Akula DevCenter is launched on June 28th, the majority of the content will be available without the need to login.  If you want to post a comment or download and try Akula, it will require a login. AppStudio users will need to register for an Akula trial account and accept the new Akula EULA.  If you use the same email address as your AppStudio ResourceCenter account, the Akula access will be added to your old account and you can use a single account for both environments. If you have questions regarding access or need assistance, please feel free to contact our Verivo Customer Support staff.

As excited as we are about Akula, we are also excited to announce the 7.5.1 maintenance release. For more information on the 7.5.1 maintenance release, please see the 7.5.1 Release Notes. For further information regarding Verivo Akula, please visit our Akula Platform Overview. We are very eager to speak with you about both AppStudio and Akula. For more details, please e-mail us at or contact your Relationship Manager.

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