Summary of Verivo Client login behavior utilizing DeviceIDs and GUIDs

Below is a platform summary of DeviceID and GUID usage when logging into Verivo client applications. 

iOS (iPhone/iPad) - How it works: Prior to 7.3.14, the Verivo software utilized the UDID of the iOS device on login. This UDID is a unique identifier of the iOS device.

iOS (iPhone/iPad) - How it works: Beginning with 7.3.14, the client sends up a GUID that is generated the first time the user logs in, and for each subsequent login, that same GUID is sent up. It is only accessible via the app and nobody else should be able to get at it.

Android – How it works: The Verivo software has a construct call DeviceID. This typically comes from the TelephoneManager, and the software pulls this information for the DeviceID.

•             The unique device ID, for example, the IMEI for GSM and the MEID or ESN for CDMA phones. Return null if device ID is not available.

•             If in the TelephoneManager a DeviceID is not present, then the software creates a random GUID to use. This GUID is persistent on the device once the client generates it. This only happens under a certain circumstance if the phone manufacturer doesn’t meet the requirements Android has for its devices. For example the 2.2 tablets that came out years ago. Not having an ID is an edge case.

•             When the request hits the Verivo app server or data service, the client sends up the DeviceID as a parameter. This is not encrypted.

Blackberry - How it works: The client pulls the information for the Device ID from the Blackberry PIN. This PIN is assigned to each BB device and is locked to that device. The PINs are tracked by the BES server for enterprise clients.

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    Thanks John.  A few follow-up questions...

    1) If in the TelephoneManager a DeviceID is not present, then the software creates a random GUID to use. 

         'the software'  is refering to Verivo software, correct?  If Verivo, what is used to generate the 'random GUID'?  And what is used to ensure the GUID is truly unique per device? 





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