How to validate the Verivo software version on all components

Instructions on how to validate all versions of your software components; Client file, AppServer, Database, AppStudio and Plug-in's. 

  1.  To confirm the Clientversion:
    • Android and Blackberry:
    • From the login screen of your application, open the menu and select “About”.
    • Note the full version displayed at the top for example 7.3.x.x.
  2. For iPad or iPhone:
    • Go to the Settings icon found outside of the application.
    • Scroll down until you find the applicable application.
    • Select the application.
    • Near the top, it display’s the full client version. Write down this version.
  3. To confirm the Verivo Databaseversion:
    • Open up SQL Management Studio on your machine.
    • Login using the appropriate credentials. Note these are the same credentials you use to login to AppStudio with.
    • Find the appropriate database.
    • Select the + next to the database.
    • Select the + next to Views.
    • Right click on the dbo.vmapp_PyxisMobileVersion and select “Select top 1000 rows”.
    • Write down this version.


  4. To Confirm the Verivo AppServerversion
    • Open the folder that contains your Verivo AppServer software.
    • Open the bin folder.
    • Locate PyxisMobile.WebServices.dll.
    • Right click on this file and go to Properties.
    • Select the details tab andwrite down the full AppServer “Product version”:


5. To Confirm the AppStudio version

  •  Launch AppStudio.
  • Connect to a Database.
  • To the right of your app's you will see a Server Summary section
  • The AppStudio version is the "Studio version"

6. To confirm Plug-in versions:
  • Launch AppStudio.
  • Connect to a Database.
  • Select an app and wait for it to load.
  • Select the Plug-in Manager icon.
  • A list of all plug-in's and their  versions will display. The version is on the far right.


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