When Integrated Authentication is not an option

If Integrated Authentication is not an available option, below are several workarounds you can use instead:


Active Directory authentication through our dynamic plug-in and plug-in scripting

You can authenticate directly against your Active Directory account using our dynamic plug-in and plug-in scripting. Plug-in scripting is a set of files that rely on Python scripting that can manipulate a plug-in’s responses and requests. In this case you would use Python to define your Active directory parameters.

Instructions on how to set this up can be found within our video on how to authenticate against active directory using plug-in scripting:http://support.verivo.com/entries/21189727-echelon-active-directory-plugin 

Should you be interested you can submit a support ticket to obtain the necessary dll’s and sample python script to implement this.


Basic Auth and SSL

 Your other option is to use Basic Authentication with the option of enabling SSL (setting up certificate on the application server as well). Basic authentication will authenticate against your active directory> However the only difference between this and Integrated Authentication is that Basic will send the password in clear text (not encrypted). That is why we also recommend that should you choose this option you enable SSL at the application server level as well.

To enable Basic Authentication you will do the same as Integrated Authentication however you will want to uncheck Enable Anonymous Access and check Basic Authentication.



Similarly you will have to change the authentication type on the device as discussed above to Basic.

Regarding setting up SSL this is outside of our software so we do not have any documentation on this but you will be able to find this information on Google as many sites will walk you through obtaining a certificate and setting it up for a website/URL.

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