AppStudio Resource Center search tips

The AppStudio Resource Center has a powerful search function that you can customize to improve your search results. The search field is at the top right of every ResourceCenter page:
Not only does ResourceCenter's search do auto-complete and shows you where the results will show up before you even run the search, it also provides you with some powerful and flexible search options. In ResourceCenter, you can search by:
  • Titles and Bodies
  • Labels
  • Attachments
  • Content Types

Titles and Bodies

The title of each page, or article, is searchable by using the following syntax:


The following example only searches for pages whose title includes the word "deploying":


To search JUST the body of pages (and not the title), you can use:


The "contentBody" keyword is case sensitive. "contentbody" will not work.


You might have noticed little blue "pills" on the left-hand side of each content page under "Labels":


These are labels that are added to individual pages to reflect the content in those pages. Pages with the same labels as the current page are listed under "Related Links", also in the left gutter of the content page:


To search for pages that match a particular label, use the following syntax:


The following example finds all pages that have the label "deploying" on them:


The labelText keyword is case-sensitive (you can't use "labeltext").

The search string is wildcarded, so "deploy" matches the labels "deploying" and "undeploy".

To see a complete list of labels, go to:

To see a list of labels with their relative popularity (in a heatmap), go to:


PDF files are attached to pages within ResourceCenter. As a result, you can search just the PDFs by using the "type:attachment" keywords with the following syntax:

type:attachment search_string

For example, to search PDFs for the word "deploying":

type:attachment deploying

This will also search images because they are attachments, but only the ALT text on those images, not text rendered within the images.

Content types

Some pages in ResourceCenter are tutorials, some are documentation, some are introductory pages. Content types refers to where the content lives in ResourceCenter, for example, Samples & Tutorials, Documentation, and Getting Started. These locations are also referred to as "spaces".

To search on content type, use the "spacekey" keyword with the following syntax:

spacekey:space_name search_term

For example, to search only pages in the Documentation space for the term "deploying":

spacekey:coredoc deploying

The "spacekey" keyword is case sensitive. The keyword "spaceKey" will not work.

The following table defines the available "space keys":

Space KeyContent Type

coredoc Documentation
gscontent Getting Started
wncontent What's New (includes the Download Page)
samples Samples & Tutorials

You can't search Support & Discussions from the Search box on ResourceCenter, but you can click the Search Support button on any content page:


Clicking this button sends you to a page on the Support site and search on the current page's labels to help you get started.

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