Reduce the size of your SQL Server configuration database before uploading to Verivo FTP


There may be occasions when Verivo Support or Professional Services requests a backup of your SQL Server configuration database so it can be restored here for troubleshooting and testing. The resulting backup copy (.bak) of this database can be quite large, e.g. 24 GB. Files of this size can fill up our FTP site quickly, so it is important to reduce the size of your configuration database before backing it up and uploading it to us.


Below are some steps to help you reduce the size of your SQL Server configuration database. This is outside of our software, so if you are unsure how to proceed feel free to reach out to your DBA who should know how to perform these procedures:

1) Truncate (delete) all records in the tmpsys_log table on the Verivo database which contains server logs and browsing history for your users.

     Tip:  You can also set up a SQL Server job to truncate this table on a specified time interval so your database does not grow past size requirements.

2) Do a database shrink. In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on the desired database and select Tasks -> Shrink  -> Database, as shown below.


     Note:  It is recommended to shrink the database after truncating the logs. If you just truncate the logs, it will only remove some of the space but it will not remove the empty space that was consumed because that still stays with the database.


You now have a .bak file that is a manageable size, e.g. less than 100 MB, vs. the original file size of 24 GB. This can then be uploaded to your folder on our FTP site, which is located at

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