Blackberry users - error on install - "Access Denied: Insecure SSL Request"


A few BB users have contacted us and said that they get the following message when installing our app from App World. The app installs, but the message scares them. Is this something within the app, or just a setting these users have on their phones?

"Access Denied: Insecure SSL Request"  

Under more information it says "Your MDS has been configured to deny SSL requests to servers that have certificates which are untrusted or expired. Try using Device Side SSL which can be modified in your TSL Options. Contact your system administrator with any questions."




Unfortunately this is a setting either on their phones or a setting on the BES (blackberry enterprise server) which has rules and policies controlling this and therefore is outside of our control. Please take a look at this link:

It discusses resolutions for this RIM issue. Option 1 and 2 are unfortunately something that might be out of the question as some users could be tied to a company BES and therefore will not allow them to make these changes. Option 3 is a change that can be done on the device (again the BES might have a policy that will not allow you to change this device side setting however you can suggest this to the users). Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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