Apple mobile distribution provisioning profile and distribution certificate expire

It is best to plan this a few weeks in advance in order to be proactive and ensure there is no down time for your users, and that you have tested the new client build we have provided to you.

If your mobile provisioning profile is about to expire, your certificate that signs this provisioning profile will also be expiring shortly. Certificates expire every year and it is important to renew them to ensure your users do not experience any Apple related issues when accessing the app.

The best way to renew your Apple files is to renew your distribution certificate first then your distribution provisioning profile. These steps are detailed below:


Renewing your Distribution Certificate:

  1. Login to your Apple account at: using your Apple credentials.
  2.  Navigate to the iOS Provisioning Portal.
  3.  Select the Distribution Certificate Tab.
  4.  If you do not have an option to request a second certificate or a button to Renew, select “Revoke” and revoke your current certificate.  Note that this may affect users from being able to install the application onto the device. Existing users that already have the application on their device will not be affected. If you do have an option to renew or request a second certificate proceed to step 5. 
  5.  Locate the Mac that is currently hosting your existing p12 file (current certificate and private key).
  6.  Launch Keychain Access.
  7.  Select Keychain Access -> Certificate Assistant -> Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority….
  8.  In the User Email Address field, enter the email address associated with your Apple Account.
  9. In the common name field, enter your company/organization/department name associated with your Apple Account. Please be as detailed as possible.
  10.  No CA Email address is required.
  11.  Select Save to Disk. The Certificate Assistant will create the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on the Mac desktop. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible when naming your CSR. Verivo recommends including your company name.
  12.  After creating the Certificate Signing Request go back to your iOS Provisioning Portal located at
  13.  Select Certificates and then the Distribution Tab.
  14.  If you revoked your certificate in step 4 or you have a second option to request a certificate, select “Request Certificate”. If you have an option to Renew, select “Renew”.
  15.  Scroll down to the bottom and select “Choose File”.
  16.  Select the Certificate Signing Request that you created in step 11 and select Submit.
  17.  Your certificate is now in a pending state. Click away from your Distribution tab and back on the Distribution tab. The option to download is exposed.
  18.  Select the Download button and download the Apple approved certificate.
  19.  Rename this file to include your company name.
  20.  Transfer this file to your Mac that will host this certificate going forward(if not already on one), and double click on the certificate.
  21.  Keychain opens and you will see that your p12 (certificate and private key) is hosted within it.
  22.  Select your certificate and private key pair.
  23.  Select File -> Export Items.
  24.  In the “Save As” section, rename your certificate to your Company name and select Save.
  25.  Enter a password on export.
  26.  Enter your Keychain password associated with the Mac.
  27.  Take note of the Export location of this p12 file.
  28.  After you have downloaded the p12 file please provide this to your Verivo representative along with the password in step 25. We will then be able to generate a new build for you once we have this p12 file and a new distribution provisioning profile detailed below.


Renewing your Distribution Provisioning Profile:

  1. Your first step is to log into with your Apple Account credentials and then navigate to the iOS provisioning portal.
  2.  Select the provisioning section on the left and then select the distribution tab.
  3.  Select “New Profile” and create a new profile. Depending on your account you can do the following: 
    • App Store – this is for App Store distribution only.
    • Ad Hoc – this can be distributed over the air or through iTunes and is regulated to 100 users or less.
    • In House – this is for over the air or through iTunes and allows you to distribute to an unlimited number of users.
  4.  Give the provisioning profile a name.
  5.  Select the AppID. This can either be the same AppID you utilized in the expiring profile you have now or a new one that you have created.
  6.  If you selected Ad Hoc in step 3, you have to associate which devices you allow the application to run on.
  7.  Select the newly created Distribution Certificate you created in the above section (Renewing your Distribution certificate). 
  8.  Select “Submit” at the bottom.
  9.  Tab off and then tab back to the Distribution tab to allow your profile to go from “Pending” to the ability to Download.
  10.  Rename this provisioning profile to include your company and app name.
  11.  Once you have downloaded the provisioning profile please provide this to your Verivo representative. We will then be able to generate a new build for you with the new provisioning profile.
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