A user name containing an apostrophe results in a #Error# on client

Issue:  The name macro, #LastName#, entered in a calculated data field appears on a client screen as "#ERROR#" instead of the intended result, which is to show the user's last name. This error happens when a user's last name contains an apostrophe (e.g. O'Brien).

Resolution:  In the User Manager in AppStudio, use a double apostrophe rather than a single apostrophe in the last name of the user. To perform this procedure:

1) Click the Users icon on the AppStudio toolbar.

2) Select the desired user from the Overview tab.

3) In the Last Name field (to the left of Device Details), change the single apostrophe to a double apostrophe. For example, rewrite O'Brien as O''Brien by hitting the apostrophe key twice. See the figure below.

4) Save the app.

5) Refresh the client.

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