How to access the Verivo Test page to confirm device-to-AppServer connectivity

The Verivo Test Page is a browser-based tool that can be used to aid the Verivo support team in troubleshooting device-to-AppServer connectivity. It can emulate a login and is capable of reporting errors that are useful for narrowing down where connectivity failures may be happening.

For a full explanation of the Test Page and what it can do, refer to this link on the Verivo ResourceCenter:

Typically, accessing the Test Page (or "hitting the Test Page" as it is commonly called) is a step that is taken after other troubleshooting procedures have not pointed to a root cause of the connection failure. For example, confirming that the URL, AppID, Authentication Type, and Connection Type are all correct in the Options screen of the client device.

To access the test page from the client device, perform the following steps:

1.  Open the application on the device and open the device menu.

2.  Select Options to launch your application settings:



You will see the base URL for the Verivo AppServer, for example Copy this:



Note:  When copying the URL, do not include the "/mp/" at the end of the URL. In your AppServer directory, the actual test page (index.html) is located at the same level as the mp folder, not inside it, as shown below:



3.  Paste the URL into a web browser:



4.  Navigate to the URL, which opens the Verivo landing page.

5.  Click on the second link called “Test page for Pyxis Mobile Application Server”:



The Verivo Test Page should load, which includes information at the top of the page including server, database and user:



If you do not see the Verivo Test page, it means the device cannot access your application server and therefore our client file will not be able to access the application server. If this happens, refer to this link for troubleshooting steps:

6.  If you have successfully loaded the Test Page, emulate a login by setting the following information in the relevant fields:

  • Select appropriate application from the App field (e.g., John Test).
  • Enter your username in the UserID field (e.g., mpdemo).
  • Enter your password in the Password field (e.g., mpdemo).
  • For the purposes of this log in test, all other fields can be kept at default regardless of the Platform you are using.

7.  After setting the above info, click the Test Login button twice:


This emulates a login and you should see results returned at the bottom of the Test Page:



The above figure indicates that a successful login occurred and contains useful information such as the AppServer version. In the event that an http error or another error appears, it should point you in the direction of why the login is failing. In either scenario, take a screengrab and attach it to your ticket so it can be looked at by Verivo support. 

Test Page Resources:

AppServer Errors – Errors that are isolated to the AppServer. These include IIS errors, Verivo Test Page errors, and environmental issues. These errors also typically present themselves on the client as well.

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