MDM_AUTH_EXCEPTION error when logging into a client application

Cause:  Common causes of this error include but are not limited to:

  • The wrong AppID used on the client
  • The wrong device platform is assigned in AppStudio

Resolution:  To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

1.  Locate the AppID on the client.

  • For Blackberry and Android:

a)     From the login screen, open the menu and select “Options”.

b)     The Options screen should display the AppID (hit x on your keyboard when scrolled over the Connection Type to expose the AppID for BlackBerry).

  • For iPad and iPhone:

a)       Exit the app and open the “Settings” icon.

b)       Scroll down to the Applications section and locate your app.

c)       Select this app by touching the icon.

d)       On your right appears the AppID.

2.  Validate that the AppID is correct and matches the Application ID in the AppStudio Application Properties. If not, change it to the applicable AppID. Save, refresh the device and login to the client app.

3.  If that does not resolve the error, confirm that the correct platform is assigned to the user in the User Manager by clicking on the Users icon in AppStudio.

4.  Select the applicable user from the Overview tab on the left and see which platform is assigned to that user in the Platform column of the Applications tab, as shown below.




5.  If the Platform assigned is not the Default in brackets, as shown above, then there is a possibility that the Platform is set up incorrectly in the Platform Manager. To launch the Platform Manager, click the Platforms icon in the main toolbar.

6.  Select the applicable platform from the list on the left, for example iPhone4, and look at the Platform Criteria section.



If you are not sure if the Platform Criteria is correct, compare it to the recommended platform device settings in the Multi-Platform Management article on the Verivo ResourceCenter:


7.  Make any necessary changes to the Platform Criteria, Save, refresh the device and login to the client app.


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