Importing a partial app config can create duplicate platform styles and crash client

Issue:  After importing a partial app config from a dev environment to a staging environment, users' devices can crash upon config download. Investigation revealed that the export from dev included styles that existed already in the staging environment, and that the import process created new records in the tmpcfg_PlatformStyle table of the configuration database with duplicate StyleIDs.

Resolution:  To resolve this issue, locate the duplicate records in the configuration database and delete them by following the steps below.

1.  Launch SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the configuration database server.

2.  In the Object Explorer, expand the Databases folder and locate the appropriate configuration database, for example “John_Test” as shown



3.  Right click on the database and select New Query.



4.  Copy the script below:



      PlatformID, StyleID




      PlatformID, StyleID


      COUNT(*) > 1


5.  Paste it into the SQLQuery window and click the Execute button to run the query.



Expected result: Running the script should return no results. 

Actual result: Running the script returns results, because some platform styles have been duplicated.


6.  After the query has executed successfully, delete any duplicate style records from the Results window.


7.  In AppStudio, click the Users icon on the main toolbar to access the User Manager.


8.  Select the Details tab and Force Logout All Users with New Config from the pull-down menu.



This forces a new config download without the duplicate style records, which allows the users to log in without crashing.

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