Application terminated: xxxx has been denied the "email" permission


When the application is launched on the BlackBerry, the following error is displayed:

Applicaton terminated: xxxx has been denied the "email" permission    

            ("xxxx" corresponds to the name of the app)



This is caused by a permission setting for the Verivo application being launched. Without certain permissions, your app will not run on your BlackBerry.



Verivo needs access to email for the click email functionality, therefore email permissions on the app should be enabled by following these steps (which are for OS 6.0).

a)  On the Blackberry device, click on the Options icon

b)  Scroll down to Device and click on it

c)  Scroll down to Application Management and click on it

d)  Select your app from the list

e)  Click on Edit Permissions

f)  Scroll down to User Data and expand it

g)  Set Email to Allow

h)  Click on the device menu key and Save

i)  Re-start the device and log into the app


For more information, refer to this Blackberry article on setting permissions for a third party application:

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