IIS Common Practices – Tips & Tricks

KB Article: IIS Common Practices – Tips & Tricks


If you are experiencing connectivity issues or unable to access the test page, confirming any of the applicable below should resolve the issue:


  1. ASP.NET v4 must be installed on your machine.
  2.  .NET Framework v4 or higher must be installed on your machine.
  3. Application Pool Identity should have full control of all Verivo AppServer related files.
  4. Run “aspnet_regiis.exe –I” from the command line.  The tool for 64-bit systems is located in the Framework64 directory of the Microsoft.NET directory inside the Windows folder; for example C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727 would contain the IIS Registration Tool.
  5. Set Load/Use user profile to true.
  6. Set allow 32-bit Applications to true.
  7. Go to .NET Trust Levels on the Default Web Site and set to full.
  8. Under Server Manager (from admin tools) make sure that ASP.NET is setup in the Web Service under Roles.


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