Lua scripting does not work on some Blackberry devices or some iOS devices for no clear reason

Cause:  A common use case would be an iPhone or iPad user connecting to the server using a locale type of “en”. By default, the Cache config on the Pyxis Mobile Server property is enabled in the Server tab of the Application Properties in AppStudio, which stores this locale in the cache. A Blackberry user then connects to the server typically with a locale of “en-US” or “en-UK”. However, some Blackberry devices use a locale of “en” only, which can overlap with the cached iPhone type of “en”. This overlap can cause scripting to not work on those Blackberry devices or some iOS devices, depending on which connects to the server first. 

Resolution:  To resolve this issue, disable Cache config on the Pyxis Mobile Server to not allow configuration caching on the server, thus preventing previous locale data from being cached.

Update:  This also has been known to happen when using Lua scripting on Blackberry accessing a SQLite database.

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