Troubleshooting Database and Configuration Issues


If you determined that the issue is occurring on the database or configuration then rule out as many variables as possible:

1. Are all settings correct in Application Properties in AppStudio.

-If you compare a working environment to a non working AppStudio environment are all AppProperties, Screen and View Level Properties, and Datasource properties set exactly the same. If not that might be the cause of an issue.


2. Does pointing your external data source in the data sources section of AppStudio from one environment to another environment make a difference.

-If it changes the behavior and you are no longer seeing the error then the issue is with that external datasource and not the configuration or Verivo Software.


3. Does creating a new screen, a new view, a new control, or new entity in AppStudio make a difference.

-Although rare, a screen/view/control/entity can get corrupt on import/export. If you create a new one does it resolve the issue? If you have a screen that does not behave as intended and it is hosted in a screen host what is the behavior if it is accessed directly? If a control is in a region and acts odd what happens if you take it out of a region? - the trick here is to narrow down as many variables as possible. 


4. Does deleting a user in AppStudio and re-adding them make a difference.

-If readding them works then there was a bad user record in our database. 


5. Does using a different version plug-in make a difference.

-Sometimes you might be using an outdated version of a plugin. Try upgrading to the latest version we have.

6. Utilize inform () statements in lua to determine an issue with lua scripts.

-If you are utilizing lua scripts and you are getting errors try adding inform statements in between each line. This will display on the client and will narrow down where your script is going wrong.


7. Utilize our Push test tools.

If using Push services this allows you to run mock push notifications.

8. If you are experiencing issues with connecting to a Verivo Database in AppStudio can you connect to using SQL Management Console using the exact same credentials. 

-If you can connect using SQL Management Studio the same credentials should work using AppStudio. Conversly if you are having issues logging into AppStudio you likely will have the same issue when utilizing SQL Management Studio and the issue is outside of the Verivo software. The same applies for SQL  permission issues etc.

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