Invalid Column Name


Cause: This occurs when a control is mapped to a data source field that no longer exists or has been renamed.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

  1. In the left pane under the Data Sources Window, right click the data source that your Entity belongs to.
  2. Select Refresh.
  3. A popup message on your entity displays. 
      4. Click Ok.
      5. If there are any invalid mappings within your Entity, another popup message appears. 
       6. Click Ok
       7. To automatically map your field names to the correct Enterprise Data Field, right click your source object and choose Automap

       8. If you wish to manually map your fields, select the Entity field that is displaying in red and choose the Enterprise Source Object and Field from the             dropdown lists.

        9. Locate all screens that are tied to this entity in the Workflow section.
       10. Open these screens.

       11. Remap fields in red to the appropriate field for this Entity.
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