The configured Startup Screen is invalid. Please contact your system…


Cause: The Dashboard screen is set as the startup screen. As of Verivo Software version 7.3, the dashboard is no longer supported as a startup screen.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

  1. Open AppStudio.
  2. Open the Entity icon (on the AppStudio toolbar).
  3. Create a new entity.

Note this does not have to have data or a table mapped to this entity it can simply be blank. This entity should not have a primary key assigned to it.

  1. Open up the Workflow icon (on the AppStudio toolbar).
  2. Right click to create a new form or list screen.
  3. Make sure this new screen is tied to the entity you created in step 3.
  4. Create a view by hitting the Create View button.
  5. Go to the Screen PropertiesàDisplay Properties and check the box for Startup Screen. 
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