Buttons and menu options with a navigation action type are not displaying

Cause: A required field to perform the navigation is missing. In most cases this is the primary key. Or on iOS, you only see a button should you have both a button and menu item with navigation set to the same screen. For example, you have a menu item to "activity summary" but have a button on the screen to "activity screen", the menu item will disappear. This is default iOS behavior.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the workflow containing the problematic screen.
  2. Select the screen.
  3. Select the Edit Menu icon.
  4. In your menu options, the failed navigations appear in a red bold font.
  5. Scroll to the right; there are two columns for Required Fields and Missing Controls.
  6. Verify that these controls are present on the screen you are navigating to and from.
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