Unable to make changes to the app in AppStudio

Issue:  After logging into AppStudio, some options are grayed out, preventing the admin user from making any changes to the app. The role assigned to this user is set to Admin but does not have adequate permissions to access the entire configuration on the database.

Resolution:  Administrators must have full edit permissions of all features to create apps in AppStudio. To do this, the role needs to be changed to Full Access by following the steps below:

1.  Select the Administrators and Access icon on the AppStudio toolbar.

2.  On the Roles tab of the Admin Manager, select the appropriate role to modify (e.g., “Verivo Admin”). By default, AppStudio is installed with several roles that you can modify. Under Role Properties, notice the Edit column where it will show the features of the application that are editable or not editable.



3.  Select the appropriate Edit checkboxes to allow full access to the features so they can be edited, as shown below.



4.  Save the configuration and re-launch AppStudio. The admin user should now have access to and be able to make changes to all features in the app.

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