Could not find the file ‘C:\Program Files\Pyxis Mobile\Application Studio\interimplugin.cs’.


Cause: You auto generate a plug-in in the Data Sources section by hitting the + button and entering the path or URL to the WSDL. This error occurs when your WSDL is not WSE3.0 compliant or the plug-in is not able to create the .cs file.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

  1. Open the command line on the machine running AppStudio.
  2. Navigate to the "C:\Program Files\Pyxis Mobile\Application Studio" directory in the command line.
  3. Save the WSDL to your computer as a .wsdl.
  4. Run the following command:

wsewsdl3.exe "Fully qualified path to the WSDL/type:webclient"  

For example:

>wsewsdl3.exe "c:\ProgramFiles\temp\WSDLname.wsdl /type:webclient"

  1. If this process ends up creating a .cs file, rename your .cs file to interimplugin.cs and regenerate the WSDL plug-in again.
  2. If this process does not create a .cs file, make sure WSE3.0 is installed on this machine:
  3. Also ensure you have the .NET 4.0 SDK or Visual Studio installed. Verivo utilizes WSDL.exe and that is not installed by default if you just have a .NET 4.0 client profile or runtime installed. You can download the SDK from here -
  4. If the command in step 4 throws an error in the command prompt, please take a screen shot of the error and log the ticket with support. It is possible that your web service is not WSE 3.0 compliant which is a prerequisite.

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    Hi ,

    I am getting the below error.I don't understand why even after giving the correct path am getting this error.Please advise.




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